Open StackHub Account

  1. Open account on
  2. Create or join to existing company
  3. Contact us and supply the company name to us

Enable StackHub extension

  1. Click on "Settings"
  2. Click on "Extensions"
  3. StackHub 
    1. Click on "Enable"

The line will turn colored instead of grayed out icon.

Login to StackHub

  1. Click on StackHub application
  2. Hit "Login" button
  3. Enter user name and password
    1. Verify on right that you are logged in. 
    2. If logged in, login button will turn into logout and right of it will write the email of the logged in account.
  4. Click on "Search"
  5. Find bassgVisualytik
  6. Select bassgVisualytik by clicking on the name "bassgVisualytik"
  7. Click on "Install"

 Setup Version V3

Installing extension pod

Install visualytik as usual pod through StackHub application.

  1. Go to SkySpark home page
  2. Click on Host application
  3. Open "Install" tab
  4. Click "Install" button
  5. In new dialog type "bas" in text field and press search button
  6. In the list choose "bassgVisualytik" and click "Install" button
  7. Restart SkySpark after

After that you need enable extension for project. Do next steps for each project:

  1. Open project home page
  2. Open Settings app
  3. Ensure "Exts" tab is selected
  4. Select "bassgVisualytik" and press "Enable" button
  5. Confirm to enable dependencies

Licensing Visualytik

You have installed and enabled Visualytik pod. Now you need to license it.

Enabling projects

Now you can see projects list in License tab:

Visualytik License tab

Click enable button for projects you need Visualytik to work with. Keep in mind license has limit. You can see usage of license capacity in "Usage"column.

Run Visualytik

To run visualytik go to project's home page and click Visualytik Icon.

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