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EnergyDVR Dashboard

1- Historys Runtime Analysis - EnergyDVR Feature

2- Tag Based Portfolio Analysis

3- Table DVR

4- Drag & Drop Analysis

5- Dashboard Features

6- Android Application

7- Data to import options - SQL, CSV, Nhaystack, Niagara, Greenbutton, SNMP, Energy Star, Modbus, Bacnet

8- Computed history functionality

9- Unlimited amount of page creation

1- Historys Runtime Analysis - EnergyDVR Feature

Home Page Example

Home page Live Mode

  1. Easy to understand Energy&CO2 Saved informatics.

  2. Energy Usage Graphics with custom buttons for rollups.

  3. Live Energy Usage information on gauges with historical dvr functionality.

  4. Left navigation for applications for facility managers

  5. Right navigation to jump into floor plans, mechanical and electrical equipments.

Energy DVR Home Page in DVR Mode

In DVR Mode Demo

2- Tag Based Historian

Tag Based Historian Zone Temps Example

  1. Tag based meter & temp search

  2. Power Meter comparison previous year.
  3. Search any data in BMS - aggregate columns in avg min max  compare in portfolio analysis
  4. Import and export searches with your colleagues 

Tag Based Comparison Power Example Previous Year

3- Table DVR

Table DVR with Color Statuses Live View

  1. Playback in data in tableview from history

  2. View data in live view with background properties for catching anomalies easily.

Table DVR with Color Statuses Historical View

4- Drag & Drop Historian Analysis

Drag & Drop Comparison of Zone Temp vs SP

  1. Rapidly find comparison on data by drag & dropping points on screen.

  2. Query historical data and gets results in milliseconds NOT minutes.

  3. Compare any type of relational data within the dashboard.

Drag & Drop Comparison of Site 2 Site KW


5- Dashboard variety of features

Custom design capability

  1. Ability to generate custom design within the Niagara Workbench Framework
  2. Generate Stylish Dashboards.

includedashboardTypes01.jpg, dashboardTypes02.jpg, dashboardTypes03.jpg, dashboardTypes04.jpg, dashboardTypes05.jpg, dashboardTypes06.jpg, dashboardTypes07.jpg
titleDemo Projects


Custom design capability


6- View dashboard on Android at no cost.

Chiller Plant view on Android


  • Teach students on how chiller plants work or 
  • Play back floor plan temperatures to train students on the basics of heat transfer.
  • Let the students view real time data or historical data on a tablet during the class

Heat Map view on Android

7- Data to import options - SQL, CSV, Nhaystack, Niagara, Greenbutton, SNMP, Energy Star, Modbus, Bacnet

Connectors options with SkySpark OEM Edition

BMS Level Connectors

Historical Data ConnectorsInternet of things Connectors


Energy Star 

High Speed Historian


So how fast can we read data? Even on my run-of-the-mill machine and disk drive I consistently get benchmarks for querying 800,000 samples/sec. To crunch a year's worth of 15 minutely data is only 30ms!



So how fast can we write? On my run-of-the-mill machine, benchmarking yields write rates of 250,000 samples/sec. If working with 15min data, that equates to writing seven years of data every second.


8- Computed history functionality (Virtual History on Demand)


  • Computed history is powerful feature of our dashboard where engineer can generate custom dataset with relational data.
  • This feature enables us to get results in milliseconds with our highly optimized historian.

Cost calculation with computed history

9 - Unlimited number of pages

Create any type of page unlimited number of pages for students.

Online training for facility managers on how to generate these pages.

Facility staff and teachers can connect and make a difference for the students.

Reduce energy consumption.

Energy data

Normalize by SQ Foot

Normalize by Degree Days

Ability to generate monthly reports emailed as PDF.

Get a screenshot of certain date and time within graphical representation.