Step-by-step guide

  1. Open Sedona connection to PNT
  2. Right click App>Actions>Quit to turn off Sedona in PNT
  3. Open FTP and log onto PNT w user/pass of root/root
  4. Upload files (root-3.01.tar & rootfs-update.tar) to / 

  5. type following commands hitting enter after each

    cd /
    	tar -xvzf root-3.01.tar
    	tar -xvzf rootfs-update.tar
  6. Upload files and overwrite (app.sab and kits.scode) to /opt/PNT/Scripts/
  7. Upload files (PNT_GUI) to /opt/PNT/Updates/
  8. Close FTP
  9. Open telnet connection to PNT w user/pass of root/root
  10. Type following

  11.  Make Sedona connection to PNT and add any necessary code


Downloads are on the following link. Solidyne Upgrade Make sure you are logged in to before hitting the link.

Video for the upgrade is located here : Please call us to attain the password.