Sedona is an open source control language created by Tridium Inc.

It is used to control equipment in close to real-time and has a small foot-print. 

In order to program sedona controllers, you may use the following applications

  • Niagara AX 3.7~3.8
  • Contemporary controls Sedona Application 

    It works great. If you have larger monitor with scaling enabled gui is not usable

  • There are other applications out in the sedona community that you can use.


  • Download Kits and Manifests
  • First requirement is the Sedona Framework TXS for Niagara Workbench.
    • Install Sedona TX by:
      • Tools > Sedona Installater
      • Find the zip
      • Complete the wizard
  • Copy the kits and manifests from : 
    • Ontrol & EAC zips to the Sedona to the Sedona folder
      • Following folders will be copied to its respective folders.
        • kits
        • platforms

Detailed info

You may download kits and manifests for EAC builds from here.

Search for product version from the connector view.  

Connecting to Sedona

Once sedona is installed into the EnerCase Workbench, customer can connect to the sedona device by the following steps:

  1. File (Left Click - LC)
  2. Open (LC)
  3. Open Device 

    Dialog window open at this step.

  4. Fill in the IP of the Sedona controller
  5. Default user name is admin and password is <empty>. Note : do not type anything in the password dialog. (wink)

    Once connected, you should see Sedona Tools and Apps

  6.  Open App by (LC) + icon right of the App

  7. Then double click on play

Should see the logic area of the sedona framework. 

Similar to the following graphic

Enable Sedona Palette


In order to enable sedona palette do the following

  • Window (Mouse Over - MO)
  • Side Bars (MO)
  • Sedona Palette (LC)

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