When you need to run the EnergyDVR dashboard for the first time.

Step-by-step guide

Downloading the jar Files and copying under modules folder.

  1. Please download the latest build of basDashboard.jar from basControls.com

    Downloads are under My Support / My Downloads or My Support / Rapid download sections. If you don't have a login, please register and call us for download credentials.

  2. If you have downloaded the zip
    1. Extract it to a folder
    2. Copy and paste the download .jar files to {Niagara install folder}/Niagara{Version}/Modules folder

      {Niagara install folder} is : JCI for Johnson controls, Honeywell for Webs, Niagara for all other oems.

Setup EnergyDVR dashboard

  1. Open Niagara workbench.
  2. Open palette and select basDashboard
    1. If Palette is not open
      1. Click on Window > Side Bar > Palette 
  3. In the basDashboard palette window
    1. Double click on resources ( Step by step copy and paste files)
      1. Click on configuration
        1. Open basDashboard.bog
        2. Copy both files basDashboard and obix
        3. Paste under drivers > config folder ( Config folder is copied during basTemplateMavi setup)
      2. Click back to resources folder and double click on dashboardNav folder
        1. Copy basDashDevice.nav, basDashPx.nav, user Dashboard.nav files 
        2. Paste the copied files to the file root of the niagara station that is running.
      3. Click back to resources folder and double click on user folder
        1. Open the users.bog file
        2. Copy both dash and dashtemplate users
        3. Paste it under Services>Users 

          With builds 3.7 and up, you will need to set passwords. .bog files do not store passwords anymore.

    2. Double click on resources folder
      1. Double click on todo-Reminder
      2. Double click on Last Two Things.txt
        1. This text is set as a reminder to complete the installation process. Text contains:
          1. Install the Obix driver
          2. Install the BasDashboard Servlet.
    3. Click on open in Palette window and open obixDriver.
      1. Copy ObixNetwork
      2. Paste under drivers
    4. Switch to basDashboard palette
      1. Double click on servlet
      2. Copy by selecting all 4 servlets (BasDashboardServlet, BasCsvHistoryServlet, BasJsonFileAccessServlet, Bql2CSVServlet) 
      3. Paste under Services>Web folder

Licensing EnergyDVR

  1. Open basDashboard palette
  2. Double click on license
  3. Copy BasLicenseService
  4. Paste under services
    1. Right click action request license 

      Basdashboard license requires LicenseV2 with features tags.

      WSP requires Workstation:{Number of Jaces}

      Qnx requires LicenceV2 and features required NPM{jace version}:{any number}

Check the if the dashboard installed correctly

  1. Open any browser of your preference.(*Make sure flash player is installed.)
  2. Type localhost or remote installation ip. (Check the web port from Services>Web and port)
    1. If the port is different than port 80, type URL/IP:{PortNumber}
  3. Use the dashtemplate login during login process and enter the password set in step 3-a-iii.


If you have any questions, please email use at [email protected]