This tutorial shows step by step information on setting up the play back feature of the dashboard.


Following modules shall be installed and their prerequisites :

  1. basTemplate-Mavi
  2. basDashboard


Please use application manager so required modules are installed along with the modules.

Setup graphic

  1. Generate a page as you would regularly with basTemplateMavi. 
  2. Create a graphic of your equipment from any basMaker module.

Setup DVR history extension


This step is required so the history extension paths are exposed to the dashboard regardless of installation type.


History id right under the extension.

History id path can not be found easily.

HistoryPathCapturer simplifies this problem by automatically populating the historyid right under the point.

How to:

HistoryPathCapturer will be used just like any niagara extension. Any point that requires the DVR playback feature requires history path capturer. 

  • If the installation is a Jace, history path capturer is located in the same level as the history extension.
  • If the installation is WSP, there will be only the history path capturer extension.


  1. Open basTemplateMavi within the palette view.
  2. Copy the component from Niagara>History>HistoryExtensionsExtended>HistoryPathCapturer
  3. Paste it under any proxy point that needs to be played back within the dvr page.
  4. Double click on any historypathcapturer within the station.
  5. Hit Mass Capture.
  6. That will add a history path right under the extension.


You may use mass copy functionality to copy historypathcapturer under proxy points.

Setup the widgets for DVR

Following widgets are introduced in this view:

  • DxEnergyDvrTimeLabel 
  • DxEnergyDvrCharts
  • DxEnergyDvrControlPanel
  • DxEnergyDvrDatePicker
  • DxEnergyDvrModeButton

Widget Descriptions:

DxEnergyDvrTimeLabel Time widget :
  1. Displays the current time and date during live mode.
  2. Displays the historical time during historical mode when at the time of hairline.

This widget contains following type :

  • Line
  • Bar
  • Step

It also contains points selector drop down menu where end user can switch between charts.


This widget contains following actions :

  • Jump to start and end
  • Play
  • Pause
DxEnergyDvrDatePickerThis widget shows the calendar to pick the date of the DVR mode. 

This widget is a toggle button that switches between live and DVR mode.

The button also gets the date picker visible.