Trying to generate a chart that displays certain point types in a nice manner.

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How to Video:

Step-by-step guide

  1. Open basDashboard Pallatte
  2. Drag drop DxChartsV2 under Charts2 folder
  3. Add History Series Binding on Charts2 widget.
  4. Add point ords to history series binding
    1. Play with properties with the DxChartsV2
    2. You can override properties within history series binding.

Step-by-step guide

Make sure points have history path capturer attached.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!-- Niagara Presentation XML -->
<px version="1.0" media="workbench:WbPxMedia">
  <module name="baja"/>
  <module name="bajaui"/>
  <module name="basDashboard"/>
  <module name="gx"/>
<CanvasPane viewSize="1000.0,530.0">
  <DxChartV2 layout="0.0,16.0,1000.0,514.0" title="Advanced Charts Obix" caption="Learning Page" chartType="step" scrollerEnable="true" scrollerPosition="bottom" rollupOperation="avg">
    <WsAnnotation name="wsAnnotation" value="14,19,26"/>
    <HistorySeriesBinding ord="station:|slot:/Drivers/BacnetNetwork/AHU_3/points/Fan" z_index="95"/>
    <HistorySeriesBinding ord="station:|slot:/Drivers/BacnetNetwork/AHU_3/points/DamperPosition" chartType="line" rollup="hour" rollupOperation="avg" z_index="99"/>